May 1, 2013

I'm back for my semi annual blog post!

It's about that often that I start to feel guilty about how I've slacked as our family photographer and documenter. (I looked it up, it's a word.) So here I am trying to resolve to be better and hoping that keeping a blog will motivate me. I would hate to sit down to look at our family photos in 20 years and have one of my boys ask about the 2012-2015 pictures, and I'll say, "Oh I think there's a couple on facebook." and then they'll say, "what's facebook?"

Our little sweeties love being together. We had them each in separate rooms for a while but they asked almost every night to sleep in the same room. So we tried it with Leland and Cai and they didn't make any holes in the walls or tear down blinds or curtains, so we made it permanent! Jerrick isn't quite ready for the responsibility of going to bed when his playmates are around so he's in his own room for a while yet.

Each of the boys have a truck or as Jerrick calls it, "Fock." He can really say that clearly. Leland's is actually a bus and he's very possessive of it. They race those things back and forth the living room/dining room/kitchen screaming and laughing. I love to see them playing together. 

I try to do new things with the boys to keep their world fresh and exciting. I rotate games and toys so they don't see some things for months and then when they get to play with it, it feels brand new. I do the same with activities like playdough, and building blanket forts. At one point all three of them were having fun in their fort but I didn't get a good picture with J in there.

An injury from the blanket fort play. He pulled a chair down on his face and I was completely responsible because I was doing this:

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at laaaast!

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